Marvel Unveils New Captain America, Cold War Crossover


A new Cold War is coming to the Marvel universe when the respective Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson series about Captain America collide in an epic crossover. Coming out in 2023, two stories about Captain America from Marvel Comics will come together with the disclosure of the main elements of the ongoing investigations of Steve and Sam. Not only will the origin of Steve’s shield be revealed, but it also looks like Sam’s conspiracy with vibranium will also reach a climax.

Currently in “Captain America: The Guardian of Freedom” Steve Rogers studies a secret group known as the Outer Circle, a clique of five people, each of whom controls most of society from the shadows. Using the iconography of Captain America’s shield as his playing field to move his secret pawns around the world, the Marvel super soldier is more determined than ever to explore the secret symbolism of his shield. Meanwhile, in Captain America: Symbol of Truth, Sam Wilson investigates a massive conspiracy involving stolen vibranium from Wakanda (which may also be linked to the origin of the Supersoldier serum). Playing a dangerous game with White Wolf and Crossbones, Sam is currently trying to sneak into Wakanda before more vibranium falls into the wrong hands.

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While Steve and Sam shared the initial issue #0, Marvel Comics’ recently announced “Cold War” event will be the first official crossover between the two Captain America series. Marvel’s press release also says that all the secrets of Steve’s shield will be revealed along with the return of Nomad (although it is not specified which one). Despite the fact that the event is still a long way off, as the release window is in the spring of 2023, a new Marvel announcement reveals new promotional art for the event from Paco Medina, which will serve as a binding cover version for the October issues of both series. The first half will be a variant of Sentinel of Liberty #5 by Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing and Carmen Carnero, and the second half will be for Symbol of Truth #6 by Tochi Onyebuchi and Ig Guara. Here is the new promo art, as well as synopses for both upcoming releases:

CAPTAIN AMERICA: SENTINEL OF LIBERTY #5 Written BY COLLIN KELLY AND JACKSON LANSING The art OF CARMEN CARNER The background of the connection option: PACO MEDINA ON sale 10/5 The last defector from the Outer Circle leads Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes to the headquarters of the Outer Circle – and to the answers Steve is looking for about the origin of his shield. But Bucky already has the answers, and he’s looking for solutions. Will decades of friendship be enough to outwit an enemy who calls himself a Revolution? The world of Captain America is shaken by this unsolvable problem, which will have ramifications for many years to come!

CAPTAIN AMERICA: SYMBOL OF TRUTH #6 Author: TOCHI ONYEBUCHI Art: IG Guara Connecting cover version: PACO MEDINA on sale 19.10. Still recovering from the conflict with Wakanda, Sam Wilson is again called to the international arena to protect a visiting politician from the African country of Mohand. But the White Wolf had already put the second stage of his plan into action, which had terrible consequences for both Sam’s closest friends… and Mohanda. In this exciting new chapter, “CAPTAIN AMERICA: SYMBOL OF TRUTH” old allies are returning and new enemies are appearing!

Despite the fact that he turned his back in the new art, it seems that the returning Nomad is likely to be Ian Rogers, the adopted son of Captain America from Dimension Z, who is actually the biological son of Arnim Zola. Although Ian hasn’t been seen in the Marvel universe for quite some time, this new crossover with Captain America seems like the perfect time to bring him back into the fold. Similarly, Bucky Barnes and Joaquin Torres’ Falcon are visible from the flanks of both captains, which is a convincing hint that the impending threats will make Steve and Sam need a lot of support from their most reliable allies.

Although there won’t be a Cold War until 2023, it’s interesting that Marvel is taking full advantage of the possibility of simultaneously publishing two Captains of America. Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson certainly have their strengths and weaknesses as captains that are worth exploring in their respective series. However, 2 versions of Captain America are better than one, and the possibility of creating a team should never be ignored. New versions of the Cold War covers are due to be released in October this year.


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