Marvel Universe: where we stopped in Phase 3


In 2020, Marvel would start Phase 4 of the MCU, introducing new characters and further expanding its cinematic universe. However, with the pandemic, plans ended up being delayed to 2021 and will start on Disney + with the debut of WandaVision.

However, at the same time that it advances to tell new stories, some productions will also have to answer some questions that were left open with the end of Phase 3.

Below, we’ll present seven questions that are likely to be answered throughout Phase 4 and, through them, prepare for the future of Marvel in cinema and Disney +.

Who bought the Avengers Tower?

This is certainly one of the most important questions for the MCU. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, an important part of the plot involves moving the Avengers Tower to a more remote location. In the sequel, Spider-Man: Away from Home, you can see the character swinging through different places between the buildings of New York and, at a certain moment, he passes in front of where Tony Stark’s tower was.

Having appeared twice in Spider-Man films seemed to be an indication that the building could have been purchased by Oscorp. However, as the future of the Neighborhood Friend in the MCU is still a little uncertain, it is likely that Marvel will use the location as the new headquarters of the Baxter Building, the home of the Fantastic Four, which is due to appear soon.

Will Loki mess up the timeline more?

While in Avengers: Endgame the heroes went back in time to recover the Infinity Stones, Loki took the opportunity to escape the events that happened after the New York battle. The character-focused series trailer will explore what will happen to him and also revealed that things can get even a little more confusing.

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That’s because that Loki is still a villain. And, escaping to an alternative timeline, he ended up being arrested by the Time Variation Authority (AVT), the organization responsible for keeping the timelines in order in Marvel comics. The series trailer suggests that Loki will now have to work for them to get things in order. But will the Cheating God follow these rules or will he make things even more messy?


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