Marvel turned down Matthew McConaughey to play Hulk


The famous actor acknowledges that he was interested in the role of the popular Marvel comic character although the company declined his offer.

Matthew McConaughey, the famous Hollywood actor, has recently admitted that he was interested in the role of Bruce Banner / Hulk in the cinema but that Marvel rejected his proposal with a “No thanks.” This is what he has commented on in a recent Happy Sad Confused podcast in which he has explained several anecdotes from his film career. And it is that the Oscar-winning actor is always the target of rumors that associate him with a possible role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and even refused to be a villain in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2; now, McConaughey himself acknowledges that Bruce Banner, alter ego of the relentless Hulk, was his target.

McConaughey wanted to be the Emerald Giant

Thus, and talking about his youth hobbies, McConaughey explained that he was a big fan of the Hulk television series of the late 70s and early 80s starring Lou Ferrigno, a topic that led the interviewee to recognize his interest in the film adaptation of the Hulk. And it is that to the interviewer’s question about whether McConaughey had had the opportunity to play Bruce Banner in the cinema at some point, the actor himself replied that he did not, but that he wanted the role, ensuring that Marvel rejected his interest and his offer with a “No, thank you.”

Of course, the actor does not clarify when these talks between him and Marvel took place, since there have already been several actors who have played Bruce Banner in the cinema, from Eric Bana in the Ang Lee film before the UCM to Edward Norton first and Mark Ruffalo later, and both as part of the MCU. Did McConaughey volunteer for the first independent adaptation of the Emerald Giants? Maybe before Marvel Studios signed Norton? Or between Norton’s departure and Ruffalo’s arrival?

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