Marvel Studios would be developing film ‘The Mutants’


Are the X-Men coming to the MCU? According to an exclusive report from The Illuminerdi website, a film called Os Mutantes is already in development at Marvel Studios.

The mutants in the MCU

With the purchase of FOX by Disney in 2019, Kevin Feige’s Marvel took control of the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises.

Since then, it has always been understood that the studio would reboot these stories. If you take into account the anxiety of the fans, the characters should have already been introduced in Avengers: Ultimatum.

Although Deadpool 3 has already been confirmed as part of the MCU, we have yet to have any official confirmation that the other FOX properties will win a movie or series on Disney +.

The closest we got was with Pietro fake in WandaVision being played by Evan Peters, responsible for bringing the character to life in the X-Men franchise.

Although Kevin Feige has already stated that he loves the story of the mutants and that there are conversations about how to introduce the characters, no confirmation has been made so far. However, it seems that Marvel will not leave the X-Men “forgotten” for long.


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