Marvel Studios: Ultron back in the MCU for Avengers 5?


According to a new theory, the supervillain Ultron, could be back in the next Phases of the MCU and more particularly in Avengers 5.

While Marvel Studios had to postpone the release dates of Black Widow, Shang-Chi or the Eternals, many fans are waiting for the launch of Phase 4. If it should introduce many new characters, the latter will meet in a huge crossover at the end of Phase 5. Entitled for the moment Avengers 5, we still do not know anything about this pharaonic project, and more particularly what will be the threat that the new Avengers of the MCU will have to face. If the names of Kang the Conqueror, MODOK or Galactus have been mentioned many times, a new Reddit theory relayed by Inverse, would like one of the emblematic villains of previous Marvel adaptations to make a comeback.

According to this theory, the artificial intelligence Ultron, will return in Avengers 5 in order to complete its plan: namely to build a new world, the imagination of the Net surfer going so far as to suggest that the character could use the Wakanda vibranium to to give humanity bodies of steel. It must be said that this supervillain has mentioned this powerful material many times. However, in order to accomplish his grand scheme, Ultron will need the Infinity Gauntlet as well as the Stones, with the character first having to raze all life form in order to bring back an improved, robotic version of humanity with a snap of finger.


If it may seem surprising, the Internet user maintains that Ultron would thus prepare humans for potential future threats. If he had the power to create life and give people metallic bodies, then they would be almost indestructible. It would also fulfill Tony Stark’s original purpose for Ultron, which was to serve as a peacekeeper alongside his legion of drones. If this could be the heart of the plot of Avengers 5, Ultron could also return in a new form, this artificial intelligence can also use communication networks to carry out its terrible plan. That being said, while this theory sounds interesting and could favor Ultron’s return to the MCU, recent rumors around Ant-Man 3 and the arrival of Kang the Conqueror further indicate the preponderance of this super- naughty in the next Phases. What to announce an even more horrible plan and to let us think that a robotic body after all, would not be too much to defend itself!

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