Marvel Studios: Stronger than the Infinity Gauntlet


The presence of these two powerful artifacts in the next Phases of the MCU does not bode well for our Avengers!

As fans of the MCU eagerly await the launch of Phase 4, it may introduce artifacts as powerful as what Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet represented. Presented as a particularly formidable weapon, it was ultimately destroyed as the Hulk attempted to reverse the Mad Titan’s first snap. However, similar and much more dangerous weapons could come to replace it in the next Phases of the MCU, namely the Ebony Blade of the Black Knight or the Necrosword of Gorr the Slayer of Gods, soon played by Christian Bale in Thor 4: Love. & Thunder.

These weapons could also sow chaos, the first being linked to the Dark Knight, the superhero that fans of the MCU will discover in the guise of Kit Harington in The Eternals. Here, the actor will play more particularly Dane Whitman, a direct descendant of the original Dark Knight. In doing so, he will possess the Ebony Blade, a weapon cut from a meteorite which acquired its powers thanks to the wizard Merlin. Although this sword eventually became cursed, it is known to be extremely powerful and possesses mystical abilities. Not only is she said to be indestructible, but she can also deflect or absorb energy, pass through any substance and “teleport” to her master.


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