Marvel Studios: Should Captain Marvel appear in Avengers the Age of Ultron?


The Marvel Studios Saga of Infinity collectible (see trailer here) is available, and the bonuses it contains are the fans’ delight! They discovered among the cut scenes of Avengers the Age of Ultron that some super-heroine should have appeared in the film …

Indeed, Captain Marvel, which we discovered this year in the guise of Brie Larson, was supposed to make his arrival in the second part of the quadrilogy of the justiciers of the House of Ides! However, it took four more years before she landed solo, then a second time against Thanos in Endgame. As can be seen on the post below, we note the presence of a replacement of Captain Marvel, intended to be substituted by the actress selected post-production.

According to Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, there is a good reason why Carol Danvers was removed. “People may have gotten hold of drafts I do not know how, and read that they originally contained other characters – including one in particular. That’s why it’s dangerous to read the scripts in advance, and to talk about them as early as possible … [Captain Marvel] was in one of those drafts. But for me, meeting this already trained character would have served, 99% of the public would have reacted by wondering who it is by discovering it in costume and being part of the Avengers. This is not the way we usually do it. The way we unveil Scarlet Witch [in costume] at the end of the film? It was Captain Marvel’s scene, “he told the Express,” but she may have arrived late, “Brie Larson’s character has a hell of a future in the MCU universe!


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