Marvel Studios: Can Iron Man-Created Villains Return In The Future?


Since joining the MCU in 2008, Iron Man has created no less than 6 villains, but only 2 of them can return in the future!

Tony Stark may have left some armor for his heiress Ironheart for a potential Iron Man 4, but let’s hope he didn’t bequeath her his extraordinary talent for making enemies! From his arrival in the MCU in 2008 until his tragic sacrifice at the end of Avengers Endgame, the famous billionaire has given birth to several villains on his way. Although he has accomplished feats on the screen and saved the world on several occasions, his heroic acts have unfortunately had disastrous repercussions on some people … Other villains could continue to land on the screen, even after his death, as was the case in Spider-Man Far From Home with Quentin Beck, aka Mysterio, robbed by Tony Stark during his lifetime.

There are a handful of bad guys we haven’t heard from for a long time, but whose comeback in the Marvel Universe is impossible. His first opponent, Obadiah Stane, a longtime family friend who became jealous of Tony’s place in his father’s company, donned Iron Monger’s armor in the first Iron Man. However, he is definitely dead, as is second on the list, Whiplash, the son of a scientist disgraced by Howard Stark during their research on the arc reactor. The same goes for Aldrich Killian, who had a dire fate at the hands of Pepper Potts in the last installment of the superhero trilogy, and for the android Ultron! Designed by genius to protect the Earth, it was only thanks to Vision that it was destroyed before slaughtering our dear planet.

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Which leaves us with only two Tony Stark-created villains who may return in the MCU’s future: the Vulture and Mysterio! By preventing Adrian Toomes from cleaning up New York City and making a living, he “forced” him to turn to crime, whereupon his protege Spider-Man intervened. Ditto for Quentin Beck, a pro in holographic technology. His work caught the attention of Iron Man, who hijacked it for his benefit and then fired the author after he complained. Once the billionaire died, Mystério pretended to be a hero and faced Peter Parker! The first is currently in prison, from which he can escape at any time, while it is doubtful that the second, a master of illusion, is really dead as he wanted to believe at the end of Far From Home … He may return in Spider-Man 3, in which mutants Firestar and Kitty Pride have a chance to land!


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