Marvel Spider-Man: How to Unlock All the Costumes


“Spider-Man” from Marvel tells about Peter Parker’s journey in a world full of crime and danger. Martin Lee abandoned his more accessible personality and revealed himself to be much more villainous than previously thought. He takes the name “Mr. Negative” and sets out to fill the gap in the criminal world left by Wilson Fisk.

Peter will unlock many different costumes as he progresses through Marvel’s Spider-Man. Each suit gives a unique ability when worn, which makes each of them effective in various combat situations. Getting them all can be difficult, but it will give the player unlimited power and, of course, the right to brag.

Plot costumes

Completing certain story missions will reward Peter with a new spider costume, but this way you can get only a small part of the costumes available in the game. Once the main story is completed, all of these costumes will be received. There are 9 unlockable costumes dedicated to the passage of story missions, but not all of them are related to the main plot.

Costume Name Mission Name Ability Price Advanced Costume Something Old, Something New Combat Focus: Quickly restores Peter’s Focus during battle. Backpack Tokens x1 Crime Tokens x1 Classic Suit (damaged) Something old, something new (N/A) (N/A) Classic suit (repaired) Something old, something new Spider Web Flower: Peter jumps into the air and shoots cobwebs around him. Crime Tokens x2 Backpack Tokens x2 Noir Costume Something old, something new The sound of Silence: Peter’s enemies will not call for reinforcements if his cover is revealed. Base Tokens x1 Backpack Tokens x2 Homemade costume Something old, something new (N/A) Find all the missing backpacks of Peter. Ambush in dark suits (no data available) Complete the Black Cat missions. Anti-Ock Suit Pax In Bellow Resupply: replenishes the arsenal of the gadget. (N/A) Secret Photo Ops in an Esu suit (N/A) Complete all the Secret Photo Ops missions. ????????? Pax in Bellow Equalizer: defeats enemies with one punch, but also leaves Peter susceptible to a one-punch knockout. Complete all the main and additional missions and reach 100% in each area.

Costumes are unlocked when you level up

The further Peter moves in his quest to rid New York of crime, the more his level will increase. Most of his costumes can only be unlocked by reaching a certain level, so Peter has to hone his skills if he hopes to get them. Upon reaching the required level, a new suit will be available for purchase, for each of which you will need to spend several tokens. Reaching the maximum level will give Peter the opportunity to buy a total of 19 different costumes.


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