Marvel Spider-Man: How long to Win


Marvel’s Spider-Man can be defeated relatively quickly if the focus is on the main story, but the side-effects presented throughout will double the required game time. There are countless storylines in this title, but it will take extra effort to get through them all.

The addition of “The City that Never Sleeps” to Marvel’s “Spider-Man” allows you to further diversify the gameplay after the events of the main story, and each entry has a decent duration and a lot of side effects. It adds approximately 6 hours of plot to the game, but finalizers will have to explore a little more to experience everything it has to offer.

Completing Marvel’s Spider-Man
The main story

Marvel’s Spider-Man confronts Peter Parker with the terrifying Mr. Negative, a powerful enemy who summons negative energy to achieve his sinister goals. He was once a nobleman who sought to help those in need, but his thirst for power led him to the dark path of villainy. It will take approximately 17 hours of gameplay to bring Martin Lee’s story to an end, but only if the player fully devotes himself to the main story and ignores all side effects.

Peter will make some shocking discoveries during his adventures, but revealing the broken mind of his mentor Otto Octavius will add a few more hours to the plot of the game. The only goal of the plot is to defeat Martin Lee, but Otto’s dubious goals will force Peter to wear a spider costume for some time.

Additional actions

Marvel’s Spider-Man offers the player many unique side effects. The further the narrative progresses, the more additional events become available. If ignored, the entire map will be covered with quest markers after the game, so finishers may want to complete these side missions as soon as they become available.

Each mission has a unique premise, and most of them require performing various feats. Some will make Peter fly between skyscrapers in pursuit of a pigeon, while others will see him trying to prevent his lesser current enemies from wreaking havoc in New York. As with most open-world games, there are also many collectibles to be found here. All of these tasks can be completed relatively easily, but the complete completion of each side mission will require an additional 17 hours of gameplay in addition to the lengthy main plot.

Supplement “The city that never sleeps”

The action of the supplement “The City that never sleeps” takes place a few months after the main events of the main game, and it can be completed only after the credits are credited. The Maggia family tries to take advantage of Wilson Fisk’s absence by replacing him, but Spider-Man refuses to allow his city to cause any harm.

Each entry in the “City that Never Sleeps” takes about 2 hours, but side effects will require an additional 3 hours in total. Defeating Hammerhead and all the new DLC villains will increase the total DLC play time to 9 hours.

Platinum Game

Aside from side effects and collectibles, there are a few less obvious tasks that need to be completed in order to truly beat the game. The trophy list will document these necessary feats, but they can be quite difficult without proper guidance. In total, this category includes 5 trophies.

With Great Power… To get this trophy, Peter must visit his uncle’s grave in the upper left corner of the map. Once there, you can interact with the grave, which will allow him to finally pay his respects. This task can be completed in a matter of seconds, depending on where Peter is on the map. Hero For Higher The player will most likely accidentally stumble upon this trophy while exploring New York, as Peter needs to climb the tallest building in the city. The Avengers Tower is located on the Upper East Side of the map, just east of Central Park. After the structure is completed, a notification will appear informing the player of their achievement. Sticky and Tricky As with the Hero for Supreme trophy, it’s unlikely that a player will complete Marvel’s Spider-Man without unlocking Sticky and Tricky. It requires Peter to perform four separate tricks in the air before reaching the ground. It can be easily unlocked by jumping from many different buildings, but jumping from the Avengers Tower will do it with grace. A small fixer. Performing the role of Otto’s laboratory assistant, Peter will be able to complete two separate additional side quests: “Synthetic Tissue Substances” and “Neural Interface”. It will take about 1 hour to complete all Otto’s requests, but the Accessibility section in the Options menu will allow the player to skip all the puzzles completely if he wants to get the trophy quickly. The acquisition of the “Hug it Out” trophy will set Peter the task of tying ten pairs of enemies together with a mine.


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