Marvel Officially Introduces a New Midnight Suns Team with Wolverine


Warning! Spoilers for Midnight Suns #1 from Marvel Comics

The Midnight Suns return to the Marvel universe with Wolverine to fight a dangerous new villain who will force the supernatural team back into battle with a brand new cast. Marvel Comics has unveiled a new mini-series “Midnight Suns” from Ethan Sachs and Luigi Zagaria, which features both familiar and new faces of the team, with Wolverine, Blade and Magic topping the new list.

The original Sons of Midnight team was first formed to fight the Mother of Demons, Lilith, and her army when they threatened The Marvel universe. The Occult team consisted of Blade, Morbius, Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch, Hannibal King, Frank Drake and the Redeemers of Darkhold. The Sons of Midnight have appeared in several Marvel supernatural comics, including Ghost Rider, Morbius, Darkhold, and Night Hunters, and have had different versions ever since. Midnight Sons will be adapted into Marvel’s Midnight Suns, a new tactical role-playing card-fighting game that inspired the latest team unveiled today.

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Marvel Comics has unveiled a new cast of Midnight Suns, which “will include the original, fan-favorite series” and a completely new cast of characters. The list includes an impressive array of Marvel’s most talented mystical and occult defenders, including Magic, Kushala’s Demon Ride, Blade, Niko Minoru and Zoe Laveau from Strange Academy. An unexpected member of the supernatural team is Wolverine, who will also become part of the Midnight Suns video game team. “Midnight Suns No. 1” will be written by Ethan Sachs, and the artist will be Luigi Zagaria. Check out David Nakayama’s cover below.

So, what are the new Midnight Suns up against? Well, Marvel Comics is teasing that they will gather to fight a villain with “terrifying abilities” the likes of which Earth has never seen. So to deal with this, they assemble a supernatural team. Although the main villain has not been revealed, there are hints that he is related to the Supreme Wizard, which could be Doctor Strange, Magic or Clea Strange.

The new Midnight Suns team is an unexpected set of supernatural heroes who should excite fans with what’s coming. The cast includes fan-favorite heroes who deserve more attention, especially Kushala, Magic and Nico Minoru. The addition of Blade and Wolverine, as well as a relative newcomer in the person of Zoe Laveau, should make one of Marvel’s most uniquely cool teams. Readers will be able to see Wolverine and the new “Midnight Suns” in action when “Midnight Suns #1” by Ethan Sachs and Luigi Zagaria appear in comic book stores in September, a little less than a month before the release of the video game of the same name.