Marvel and Netflix could release a new movie together


Do the two greats join forces to create something fantastic?

Alan Yang , is an American screenwriter who has worked hand in hand with the most famous streaming platform, in the series ‘Master of None’, which earned many critical and fan accolades. Could it be that Marvel wants to join the independent director to bring a new film phenomenon to life ?

‘ Tigertail ‘ is the name of the new film that Yang is promoting, he wrote and directed the story that is set in Taiwan first and then moved to the United States, this film is scheduled to be released on April 10 of this year on Netflix .

The also actor, was interviewed by the journalist Fico Cangiano , founder of the ben films site , ‘ CineXpress ‘, where he talked a little about this and future projects , the winner of the ‘Primetime Emmy’ revealed that he had been maintaining communication Marvel , about directing a movie for them, so maybe I will.

This collaboration , perhaps becomes reality and will soon announce the work in team of these personalities , Yang has demonstrated that it has previous experience in working with different styles .

Check the time at 9:43.


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