Marvel makes An Unusual Crossover Between Loki and Bleach’s Character


Marvel: Disney+ has been broadcasting the Loki series and showing several MCU timelines, including the appearance of variants of the main character. From this premise, Marvel decided to innovate and made a joke mixing the god of cheating with the anime Bleach.

The action was announced by Marvel Japan, this Wednesday (30), which said it was putting side by side the “god of cheating and the Shinigami of cheating.” The Shinigami, in this case, is Aizen, who got a new illustration from Tite Kubo, the manga artist.

Check out the result of the work on Twitter below.

The original illustration of the Japanese character was inspired by one of Loki’s main posters. While the comic book anti-hero is wearing a TVA prisoner’s outfit (Temporal Variation Agency, in Portuguese), the Japanese character is wearing his traditional outfit.

Just as the god of Norse mythology is famous for playing tricks and cheating everyone in Asgard, including his brother Thor, Aizen is a morally dubious antagonist in Bleach. The joke was made to promote the launch of the Marvel series in the Japanese country.

Loki is already available on Disney+, while Bleach is shown in Brazil on the Crunchyroll platform, with 366 episodes available.


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