Marvel: Joe Bennett is Fired After Controversy Surrounding Bolsonaro


Marvel recently announced the resignation of Brazilian illustrator Joe Bennett, who had been on its editorial staff since 1994, most likely taking into account the public repudiation that American screenwriter Al Ewing has carried out on social media in recent days.

Mainly known for his work in Hulk character magazines, including The Immortal Hulk, Marvel claimed that the fired artist had been “excluded from any future project” at the company, through an official press release.

Benedito José Nascimento, born in the state of Pará, would have produced a controversial drawing in 2017, which represented support for President Jair Bolsonaro. In addition, an entire page full of anti-Semitic messages, which would have been published in February this year in the magazine The Immortal Hulk, also returned to circulation on social networks, motivating Al Ewing’s manifestation on his official Twitter account.

“There’s an image made by Joe Bennett in 2017 floating around. I won’t share it, but I’ve seen it and it’s reprehensible,” wrote the screenwriter in question.

“If you’ve seen the image, you know what it’s about. A swordsman in armor, who I believe is Bolsonaro because of Joe’s comments, slaughtering small people on the run, with huge teeth and rat ears. And big noses. One of them. dressed as Dracula”, he published.

Learn more about the resignation of the Brazilian illustrator from Marvel

The September 7 holiday takes place in Brazil to celebrate the country’s independence. However, this year, the commemoration gained new contrasts, especially by calling demonstrations in favor of and against the current president of the Republic. Shrouded in anti-democratic polemics, Bolsonaro emerged as a knight in Joe Bennett’s illustration.

At the time, still as a federal deputy of Rio de Janeiro, the politician was portrayed in a glorious way in line with his opponents, who appeared like rats. Former President Michel Temer, however, was portrayed as a vampire.

Before being fired, Bennett was working on the first issue of Timeless. Now, the comics written by Jed Mackay will have artwork by Greg Land.


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