Marvel is Still Suffering from the firing of James Gunn

The firing of James Gunn from Marvel really rocked the MCU, and “Thor: Love and Thunder” proves that Gunn’s brief absence is still causing Marvel misery. Marvel is constantly developing future films, which means that any significant shake-up can cause excitement throughout the cinematic universe. James Gunn’s participation in Guardians of the Galaxy. 3 and its subsequent delay is the best example of this, as Gunn’s dismissal damages not only the MCU timeline, but “Thor: Love and Thunder” as a whole.
“Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Finale” are the culmination of phases 1-3 of the MCU, bringing together many of the franchise’s characters for the first time. Throughout the two films, Thor becomes a good friend of the Guardians of the Galaxy, even going on a side quest to forge a Thunderbolt with a Rocket and a Groot. Because of this new friendship, Thor decides to join the Guardians at the end of the “Finale”, which caused a lot of excitement and speculation at the time. Since May 2020 was originally planned as the release date for Guardians 3, it was assumed that Thor would be actively featured in the film. While Marvel had definitely planned for the team to embark on an exciting adventure shortly after the Finale, everything changed when James Gunn was fired from Guardians of the Galaxy. 3.
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Gunn’s dismissal was very controversial, and because of this, “Guardians 3” was quickly postponed. As a result of the delay, “Thor: Love and Thunder” ended up in the schedule ahead of “Guardians 3”, which created some serious problems. Since Thor went with the Guardians in the “Finale”, it was clear that Marvel would have to hastily complete this storyline so that the events of “Love and Thunder” could happen, the result of which can now be seen in the film’s mistreatment of the Guardians. The Guardians of Love and Thunder have fallen victim to James Gunn’s firing, and the updated timeline requires Thor to leave the Guardians, killing an exciting idea in the process.
Guardians of the Galaxy Doesn’t Add Anything to Thor 4
Like Zeus’ Thunderer weapon, Guardians of the Galaxy are practically useless in Thor: Love and Thunder. Although they cause laughter, the Guardians are removed from the film so quickly that it becomes clear that Marvel Studios has no idea what to do with them. The only value that the Guardians have in the plot is to help Thor understand that he needs to return home. However, any other character or plot device would have been enough for this; there was no reason why the Guardians had to do this. It is clear that Thor’s stay with the Guardians was nothing more than a relic of the “Finale”, since the dismissal of James Gunn required a hasty completion of this plot at the beginning of “Love and Thunder”.
While the prospect of Thor’s adventures with the Guardians was exciting, the delay of Guardians 3 resulted in this potential story being destroyed. The world was deprived of the undoubtedly exciting plot that the “Finale” unfolded, now it had only a summary ending, which is in “Love and Thunder”. Perhaps the director of Thor: Love and Thunder, Taika Waititi, was not given much creative freedom to manage the Guardians, since technically they are not “his” characters, and any significant changes should be taken into account in the next James Gunn film about the MCU. The firing of James Gunn had a lot of negative impact on the MCU, and “Thor: Love and Thunder” — “Guardians of the Galaxy” is another example of this.