Marvel has unveiled a new Iron Cat with a Shocking secret Identity


Warning! Spoilers for Iron Cat #1 from Marvel Comics

The secret identity of Marvel’s Iron Cat has been revealed as the man hiding behind the armor has a shocking connection to the Black Cat. In Marvel Comics’ Iron Cat #1, Felicia Hardy confronts a woman who has turned her Iron Man-like armor into her own weapon. However, when she removes the mask, it turns out that it is Tamara Blake, the ex-girlfriend of the Black Cat and former training partner, who wants to avenge the death of the Black Fox.

Felicia Hardy will fight the Iron Cat in the new series from Marvel Comics. The armored character originally appeared during her eponymous TV series when Black Cat used Tony Stark’s technology to create a remote set of armor that she could control. However, after the armor was decommissioned, it ended up in the hands of someone who wanted revenge on Marvel’s greatest thief, as it was redesigned into Iron Man’s wearable armor. So, now Hardy and Tony Stark take up their creation, which immediately turns out to be a formidable opponent.

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In “Iron Cat #1” by Jed McKay, Pere Perez, Frank D’Armata and Ariana Maher of VC from Marvel Comics, Iron Man confronts Black Cat as he believes she is responsible for the return of Iron Cat. However, after telling Tony that she has no idea how the suit came back, she is attacked by the armor she created, since someone made it wearable. When the Iron Cat knocks her down, she takes off her mask, and it turns out that her secret identity is Tamara Blake, an ex-girlfriend of Felika Hardy and an ex-girlfriend who also trained with the Black Fox.

Yes, the Black Cat is responsible for the death of the Black Fox, but she killed him only after she found out that her former mentor had betrayed her. Tamara Blake probably doesn’t know the truth, but is desperate to avenge him. The Iron Cat costume and the use of armor created by Felicia Hardy is undoubtedly one of the ways to attract her attention.

The shocking discovery that the Iron Cat is Tamara Blake, who wants to avenge the death of the Black Fox, creates a funny mini—series. The revelation of Blake’s secret identity in the first issue shows that her mission to destroy Felica Hardy is very personal. Now the Black Cat will need the help of Tony Stark to defeat her ex-girlfriend, as she will soon put on her own armor for this. Readers can see the Iron Cat fighting the Black Cat in Marvel Comics’ Iron Cat #1, which is now on sale in comic book stores.