Marvel has sent “real” Krakoan flowers as an invitation to the “X-Men: Hellfire” gala


As the ramifications of the infamous annual Hellfire Gala of the X-Men continue to unfold, Marvel Comics has sent out invitations to X-Fan fans and creators to the Hellfire Gala from the real world, among which there is a “real” Krakoan flower. The magnificent floral arrangements were placed in a plastic cube along with the “invitation” to the Gala concert and a copy of this year’s X-Men: Hellfire Gala #1.

Krakoan flowers are an integral part of mutants gaining sovereignty and recognition of the Krakoa nation by world leaders, because flowers have incredibly powerful and rare attributes. While some flowers, such as the Krakoan Gate Flowers, can only be used by mutants, there are also a number of Krakoa Flowers that have been donated to humanity for free, whose properties can cure serious human diseases and ailments, as well as prolong life a little. human. However, with the recent discovery that mutants are actually immortal, part of humanity is beginning to view medicinal flowers as a cheap excuse for mutants who are instead hoarding their eternal life for themselves.

The annual Hellfire Gala, organized by Emma Frost and the Krakoa Mutants, was first held last year, at which the Krakoans announced, to the shock of the whole world and the galaxy, that they had terraformed the planet Mars, turning it into a mutant planet. Arakko. Additionally, the Hellfire Gala is an event where a new X-Men team is voted on, including one member chosen by fans from the real world to prepare X-Men stories for next year. This year’s Hellfire Gala has started receiving invitations to real X fans like Ryan Penagos, Omnibus collector, Russell Dauterman, and they represent a truly creative and fun way for Marvel to promote the annual X-Event.

Received my Krakoan flower as a gift for visiting #XMenHellfireGala. Senti approves!

@Marvel invited me to #xmenhellfiregala and sent me my own Krakoan flower!

Which of the X-Men wants to be on a date with me? 😏

Received a small gift from Marvel/Emma Frost! 😍😍😍🥂❌🌺 #XMenHellfireGala

This year’s Hellfire Gala may not have been as “planet-sized” as last year, but there was just as much drama for the X-Men and Gala host Emma Frost. As indicated in the card included in the Marvel Hellfire invitations, this year’s gala was also used as the starting point for a major summer crossover Marvel AXE: Judgment Day, in which the Eternals brutally attack mutants for their “excessive deviation.” Ultimately, this will lead to the fact that in the coming months, the cosmic Celestials will judge the X-Men, the Eternals and the Avengers. Although no one who has received the Krakoan Flower from Marvel has yet reported whether he has had any sudden health changes, it serves as a reminder that no matter what the X-Men do for humanity, people will always find a way to hate and fear them, even when some continue consider them literal gods. Krakoa mutants literally gave them all-natural medicines that will cure Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and prolong their lives, and yet, as soon as greedy people find out that the X-Men are now immortal, they immediately demonize them.

Despite this, the people who received the Krakoan flowers in their invitations to the drama-filled Hellfire Gala of the X-Men are certainly grateful for the gift, and we hope that Marvel Comics will continue to send out such original and cute promotions in the future.


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