Marvel Future Revolution Opens Global Preregistration For Mobile Phones


Marvel Future Revolution, Marvel’s next big production for mobile devices, has already started its global pre-registration for Android and iOS devices. To promote the game and invite its first players, publisher Netmarble held a live on the 29th, at the time of registration.

Developed by the same studio responsible for Marvel Future Fight, the new game is the second collaboration between Netmarble and the superhero giant. But the new title moves out of the combat genre and into an action RPG style. The developer has the ambition to offer a more open experience to players, giving them the opportunity to explore a new Marvel universe made especially for the game.

“The game promises a fun and immersive experience for both Marvel fanatics and casual mobile gamers, offering unique action-RPG gameplay on a massive scale,” said Simon Sim, President of Netmarble USA.

Marvel Future Revolution will ship with eight playable superheroes and will also offer PVP matches in addition to campaign mode. Playing against other players, matches can range from a simple 1 vs 1 to more epic 10 vs 10 matches.

The playable characters already revealed are:

captain America
Captain Marvel
Spider man
Black Widow
Iron Man
Doctor Strange

The full release of the game is scheduled for the second half of 2021, yet without a specific date for the release. Players who opt to pre-register will receive a “variety of rewards” when the game becomes available, but Netmarble has yet to release exactly which ones.


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