Marvel: Fun Fanart by Thanos and Ant-Man Goes Viral On The Internet


Marvel: Recently, an amusing fanart shared by Twitter went viral on the internet. In it, artist @Xion_Sempai imagines what it would be like if Ant-Man (played in the MCU by Paul Rudd) invaded Thanos (Josh Brolin) through his buttocks and expanded inside him.

The publication gains even more traction when the logo of the series What If…?, currently airing on Disney+, is cited.

Thanos was one of the toughest villains Marvel heroes faced in theaters. With the Infinite Saga, initiated in Avengers: Infinite War, 2018, viewers followed the development of several battles and also some theories about how the group could defeat him.

Despite being crucial in the final showdown with the Mad Titan, Scott Lang did not need to make any specific plans regarding Thanos’ orifices. Even so, this is one of the most discussed theories by fans, taking into account that, in addition to being somewhat bizarre, it would provoke very amusing scenes.

Apparently, Thanos may return to MCU during the 2nd season of What If…?, however, it remains to be seen how his participation will be and if Ant-Man will be involved in it.

Learn about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel characters, first featured in the comics, have raised their level of complexity after being portrayed in series and movies. With Phase 4 of the MCU, the issue of the multiverse is being worked on in a surprising way, especially with the countless possibilities that heroes can find themselves.

In that sense, it wouldn’t be any strange to be able to play with the countless theories of fans at some point, whether in the series What If…?, which opens up a range of dramatic options, or with flashbacks throughout the next projects. Apparently, with the release of Doutor Estranho and the Multiverse of Madness, the subject will expand even more.

So stay tuned and be sure to check it out! Soon, big news will be released by Marvel.


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