Marvel, Fortnite or Star Wars t-shirts, figures


Only until Tuesday you can find exclusive products at Zavvi to dress up, play games or decorate your room at the best price

Although the rise of subscription video platforms, such as Netflix, HBO, Disney + or Amazon Prime, has caused the craze for series and movies to multiply, the truth is that the phenomenon has always been there. Sagas such as ‘Star Wars’, ‘Back to the future’, ‘Evil Dead’ or ‘Alien’ and universes such as Marvel or DC in the cinema, and others such as ‘Mario Bros’ in video games, have been agglutinating fans, to sometimes spreading that “fever” from parents to children, over the last decades and they are already part of what we usually call popular culture.

If, like many, you too have succumbed to something that has ceased to be a phenomenon to become, almost, a way of life, you are in luck. Because in Zavvi they celebrate from this Friday until next Tuesday, March 30 (1:00 p.m.), an event that they have dubbed “March Madness”, with discounts that can be up to 75%. In addition, this Friday, starting at 11:30 am, they will also launch the Pokémon TCG cards with a promotion that you cannot miss: buying your card game you can get an official Pokémon license shirt for only 13, € 99.

And if all this has come to you little, Zavvi has more special offers in many of its articles and departments: T-shirts from series, movies and video games, LEGO games, collectible figures from the most important franchises, Funkos, technology products and to a Polaroid camera of exclusive design with one of the television shows of the moment: ‘The Mandalorian’. In short, gifts everywhere on your website. Hurry, do not miss yours and take a look at their collection, from which we have chosen the most outstanding.


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