Marvel: Everything you need to know about WandaVision!


Disney + wants to hit hard with a Marvel series: WandaVision! But what to expect with this great start to phase 4?

So it will not be The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, nor Black Widow … No, the start of phase 4 of the Marvel Universe will open well with a series: WandaVision! But what to expect?

Because after a mixed year 2020, the creators of Disney want to hit hard. Forced to repel Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow twice, they bet on Disney +…

Very prominent with the Star Wars and The Mandalorian universe, Disney is betting on Marvel this time around. WandaVision will therefore open the big ball for phase 4 of the universe. A very heavy task for the series!

To make this great moment a success, Disney + is therefore multiplying the teasers … You have to see the one entitled Reality, to understand a little about the purpose of the series. Because the couple formed by Wanda and Vision are not a normal couple!

They have, “no song, no wedding anniversary, no wedding rings …” But if they want, Wanda and Vision can magically create them! A slightly crazy Marvel series therefore seems ready to surprise fans from January 15, 2021!


Disney + is therefore betting a lot on this first series inspired by superheroes. The creators of the series thus sought to link the world of Wandavision with a very special universe, that of Doctor Strange.

Very powerful, but also full of humor and life lessons, the universe of Doctor Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, seemed big enough to host a series … So Marvel opted for him.

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With a teaser inspired by ’80s sitcoms, fake laughs and quirky humor, Disney + hopes to make WandaVision the platform’s pioneering series. Especially in another universe still little explored.

It remains to be seen how risky the bet remains … Because for several years, Marvel has been successful at each release. So it’s a question of whether Disney + can go with the flow!


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