Marvel Cinematic Universe: 10 Most Evil Minions


There are dozens of great villains in the MCU, many of them, such as the Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, become incredible threats to the entire multiverse. At the same time, not all villains work alone. Some rely on armies of minions, some rely on a tight group of loyal followers, and there are those who rely on ordinary minions.

Minions have been a staple of comic book villains since the beginning of the medium. However, there are many outstanding examples of what a strong, sinister support group can look like. It can even be said that some of these evil helpers and accomplices can shine even brighter than the villain they are helping.


Although the space pirate gang may be more associated with Yondu, the rebellious members of the Reavers who turn against him in Guardians of the Galaxy. 2 definitely fits the description of the scam gallery. With their leather clothing, various alien species, and an intimidating lack of cybernetic weapons, they represent a solid group of followers who can be at the disposal of a villain, be it a Taserface or a Nebula.

The only thing that prevents them from being at the peak of their villainous potential is that they are not necessarily the most evil. Yes, they do bad things, they’re greedy and a little perverted, but they’re not exactly out to conquer the universe. After all, they’re just a bunch of vagabonds and thieves looking for the next big jackpot.


Every villainous organization, regardless of size, needs a master in arms. Razor-Fist of Shang-Chi is a combination of a weapons expert and a muscular enforcer, and he really shines whenever he finds himself locked in combat. The bus scene alone is perhaps one of the most visually impressive henchman battles. However, he is only temporarily an antagonist.

When he realizes that Wenwu wants to open the Dark Gate and free the unholy legion of Soul Eaters, he switches sides and turns against him and his forces. Not many villains or henchmen are fully aware of the seriousness of the fact that their entire existence is in danger, but Razor-Fist certainly understands.

Scurge The Executioner

Some villains are born out of necessity, some choose villainy, and some achieve it simply because they consider it the best option. Skurge is the last part of this principle, as he transforms from a bizarre minor character who takes Heimdal’s place into Hela’s assistant in Thor: Ragnarok.

Scurge isn’t exactly a sinister creature, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a very memorable character. He likes his role as an Executioner until he develops a conscience and his eyes really open to Hela’s cruelty. However, he contacts the villain in order to achieve a better position and gain personal gain.

Angel Dust

Although the question of whether Deadpool films can be considered part of the MCU remains controversial, the character’s meta-humor at least confirms his existence. All things considered, he still gave fans an unforgettable fighter in the form of Angel Dust.

Gina Carano’s angel dust, a metahuman mutant who is essentially addicted to adrenaline, is the muscle for Ajax’s brains, and she doesn’t hide the damage she can do. Anyone who can give Colossus a hard time is certainly an undeniable force.


The Shocker is where things get a little more complicated. Some villains go into the industry for money, power, revenge, fame or something similar, but Vulture and his gang of fake wreck crew members have a more personal reason to dive into the superweapon business. Characters like Shocker commit their acts because they are trying to correct the mistakes imposed on them by heroes like Tony Stark, who do not always see the consequences of their superhero work.

Aside from the reasoning, Shocker is much more of a minor character than the villain in the Spider-Man comics. However, his electrified gauntlets make him a mortal enemy for Peter Parker, especially without the help of Stark’s suit. To his credit, he almost permanently knocked out the Spider light.

Ulysses Clos

The best villains are the ones who really enjoy their work, and there are few better examples of this type in the MCU than Andy Serkis’ portrayal of Ulysses Clos. An important factor that keeps Clo in the rank of henchmen is that he always works for someone else. He’s not a real supervillain, he’s an arms dealer with a cybernetic hand cannon.

At the same time, he is one of the most interesting and memorable figures in the list of MCU villains. He does it solely for the money, and the fact that he gets his hands on a super-powered weapon is just the cherry on top of his sinister ice cream.

Arnim Zola

When Marvel fans think of HYDRA’s most infamous power, they usually turn to the Red Skull.