Marvel: Chris Evans will not return to the MCU


In addition to building a well-consolidated universe of hero films, the MCU has also become famous for giving rise to several rumors – many of which have never been confirmed. And the most recent of them was about a possible return of Chris Evans to make a cameo in some Marvel productions.

Even with the actor himself going to Twitter to say that the information was “new” for him, the fans continued to believe that they would see the idol in the MCU again. However, now it was Kevin Feige’s turn to “deny” the information. During an interview with EW, the boss of Marvel Studios reinforced Evans’s comment.

“I rarely deny anything because things are always surprising me with what happens, but this rumor I think has already been quickly dispersed by the man [Evans]”.

The expectation was that the actor, responsible for consolidating one of the main characters of the MCU until now, would make appearances similar to those that Robert Downey Jr. made as Tony Stark in the Spider-Man film. However, it seems that this possibility is far from happening at the moment.

The next Marvel Studios production is Hawk and the Winter Soldier, which hits the Disney + catalog next Friday (19), with weekly episodes. Fans expected Steve Rogers to appear as a mentor to Sam, in addition to spending time with his old friend Bucky. However, now it seems that this return is far from happening. If it’s really going to happen.

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