Marvel Avengers Announces Live Streaming for September


Crystal Dynamics will host a new War Table on September 1. We will know the first post-launch content of Marvel’s Avengers.

The third Marvel’s Avengers War Table will be broadcast live on September 1 at 7:00 PM CEST. The highlight of the afternoon will be the reveal of the first season of post-launch history, as well as the presence of another new playable hero. We’ll get a fresh look at Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and more before they hit the market.

In a brief statement, the company communicates that part of the direct will focus on giving players “all the information they need to launch the game.” They will pay special attention to the progression system, tips to “defeat more than 50 types of enemies” and additional details about the high-level content.

“This War Table will delve into the Avenger Initiative, where users profile the final versions of the heroes after completing the Reassemble campaign story, in addition to the first post-launch season content,” comments Square Enix. In this stream of content we can expect new “heroes, villains, missions, regions and game modes.” They emphasize that all these additions will arrive at no additional cost.

Prepared for September 4

Everything is ready for Marvel’s Avengers to debut on September 4 on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia. To get it you will have to leave free space on your hard drive: it will require 90 GB. We recently got to know its final launch trailer, which you can see at the head of the news. After the unfortunate events that occurred after A-Day, Kamala Khan (Ms Marvel) and Bruce Banner (Hulk) must rebuild the remnants of the Avengers to reunite them and end the threat that lurks in broad daylight. .

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The beta code revealed the 23 selectable heroes. These names were marked with the “UnlockPlayableCharacter_” pattern, so it is deduced that they will arrive in the future as controllable characters. Ant-Man, Black Panther, and Wasp Black are just a few of those featured in the fore.


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