Marvel and Skydance are working on a World War II game with Captain America and Black Panther


Captain America and Black Panther have a long history on the comic book page dating back to Cap’s days fighting in World War II, and it’s from this story that Skydance New Media is using its first major game in partnership with Marvel. There have been rumors for months about which Marvel Uncharted game veteran Amy Hennig oversees, with the Daredevil game being one of the most common theories. However, it all turned out to be false: in the first teaser trailer, two of Marvel’s most iconic heroes and their two allies teamed up to fight Hydra against the backdrop of World War II.

The new game was unveiled during the Disney and Marvel Games showcase, which helped launch D23 2022 by providing new looks for several new games and updates for future games, including Midnight Suns and Marvel SNAP. However, there were some notable absences, as there were no updates to the Insomniac Spider-Man 2 or Wolverine games. Nevertheless, the showcase still managed to end with confirmation and the first teaser of the upcoming Marvel game from Skydance New Media.

The game will star Captain America and Black Panther as the two work to undermine Hydra’s efforts during World War II in Paris and Wakanda. Given the time period, Steve Rogers is front and center in the role of Captain America, but Skydance has confirmed that it will be Azzuri the Wise, T’Challa’s grandfather, under the mask of the Black Panther, and not the modern king and defender of Wakanda. In this battle, the heroes will be joined by Gabriel Jones, a member of the Howling Cap Commandos, and Nanali, the leader of the young Wakanda spy network.

However, little else was known about the game, as Skydance New Media appears to be playing its cards close to its chest for its first AAA game in partnership with Marvel. This included the name of the game or the systems it would run on, but none of them were confirmed during the demo. Most of the information players can glean from the trailer is the likelihood that Captain America and Black Panther will get into a fight at some point as the two heroes travel through Nazi—occupied Paris as part of their respective efforts to undermine Hydra.

Although the potential conflict may initially catch some players off guard, it makes sense given the time period. An integral part of the representation of Wakanda between comics, video games and the Marvel cinematic universe is the secretive history of the country, given its vibranium wealth and technologically advanced society. This opens the door for Amy Hennig’s team to some creative storytelling ways that they can explore in the game, although it will probably be some time before players see more of this new Skydance game.

An unnamed Captain America and Black Panther game from Skydance New Media is currently in development.


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