Marvel and Disney in the spotlight at IDF mall!


Iron Man, Spider-Man and other Marvel and Disney heroes coming to IDF shopping mall for Christmas. If Disney and Marvel fans are waiting for the opening of the superhero hotel at Disneyland Park, they may be patient. Indeed, a shopping center in Île-de-France has just welcomed Iron-Man, Dr. Strange and even the Hulk to its premises.

As our colleagues from Actu note, this is the Carré Sénart. So this is where the biggest superhero fans should find their happiness. Unfortunately, don’t expect to see Tony Stark or Peter Parker.

Indeed, these are just decorations and other games of all kinds devoted to the Marvel universe. But you should have plenty to do. Several workshops are offered to believe the media.

If you want to take advantage, you still have a few days left. Until December 30 to be precise before all the superheroes put on their capes to save decent people.

Well, as for the workshops on Marvel and Disney, more information on this subject remains to be discovered later in this article.


Because yes, it’s nice to know that a mall features fan favorite heroes. But what can we do at Carré Sénart with them? As Actu notes, there is a lot to discover:

“Marvel and Disney game sheets, origami, drawings, making wooden Christmas stars and lots of other surprises, like a treasure hunt and a 3D Mickey, Minnie, Donald photocall.”

As for the treasure hunt, Disney and Marvel stickers will be hidden on the windows. The goal is to find them and then win various gifts and goodies. Enough to entertain a lot of people for a day.

If you didn’t know what to do to occupy yourself while you wait until the end of the year, you have no more excuses now.


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