Marvel: Adidas releases new studs in X-Men colors!

Marvel still inspires Adidas as much! The brand with three stripes is preparing to launch two new pairs of crampons for the X-Men.

Adidas and Marvel are therefore preparing new surprises! While the collab caused a sensation with a pair of crampons last year, it is also likely to be heavy this year!

Because the colors of Spider-Man appeared on the football fields. The two brands have indeed pushed their agreement to the meadows, where Serge Gnabry proudly displayed the colors of the spider-man.

The European champion Bayern Munich wore red and blue Adidas Nemezis 19+. A first Marvel inspiration that appeals to others … But this time, another universe is calling them.

After Spider-Man, the brand with the three stripes indeed promises to be inspired by the X-Men. But she wants to keep her secret … She therefore distils a few little clues here and there to attract fans.

The German firm thus balances the patterns of the next two pairs of Marvel crampons. One will therefore be yellow, with blue and black bands. The other will be blue, with yellow and red stripes …


By releasing new pairs of Predator, the brand wants to strike a big blow. So she promises to send style, in those yellow tones … And also with an inspiration straight from Wolverine.

Four claws, against three stripes: the two can get along well … It remains to be seen the complete design of the Marvel crampons prepared by Adidas. Who will send the heaviest? Wolverine or Cyclops?

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Because Cyclops will be entitled to a pair of X Ghosted in his image. But the series promises to send colors and style … So it remains to be seen who she will dress … And most importantly, when she will go out!

So far, neither Adidas nor Marvel has given a date or a big event … Fans of the collab will therefore have to be patient with these two simple reasons. Wait and see!



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