Marseilles: Milla Jasmine is confusing Mujdat like she is not


In the episode of the Marseillais tonight, it will heat up! Indeed, Julien Tant brought Milla Jasmine to settle her accounts!

In Les Marseillais there will be movement this evening! Indeed, Milla arrives to settle accounts with her ex …

Julien Tanti is really the undisputed king of problems! Indeed, each season, Manon’s darling wreaks havoc in the villa with his famous game!

Between deceptions, revelations and betrayals, he knows how to make trouble! Tiago’s dad has a real knack for making a mess!

In this season for the Marseillais, he can count on the surprise arrival of Milla! Indeed, by inviting the beautiful brunette, he knows how to set the house on fire …

Eh yes ! The latter left but Mujdat joined the Marseille program in the meantime! And as much to tell you that he arrived single on the set … A shock for the fans of the couple!

So when Milla gets into trouble playing it will just do a lot of damage! Read on!


If everyone thought that between Milla and Mujdat it would be for life, it is not! Indeed, between the two exes, it is the war!

Something to sadden all the fans who attended their engagement during the last season of the Princes of Love … Between them, everything seemed to go like clockwork!

However, in recent weeks, we have seen the ex-couple tear each other apart on the networks … A dramatic end!

If we don’t have all the ins and outs of this mess, we’ll know more tonight. Indeed, during the Marseille episode, Milla will come and settle accounts with her ex …

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Eh yes ! The latter said he was celib “while for her, they were always together! He even kissed Vivi!

In short, we can’t wait to see what it will look like in Les Marseillais, and you?


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