Marseillais: Maeva Ghennam’s project revealed!


Several candidates of the Marseillais met as part of a project which has finally been unveiled … Good news for fans of Carla Moreau, Kevin Guedj and Maeva Ghennam… Indeed, the Marseille team is releasing its advent calendar!

It has been several weeks since the candidates of Marseillais tease a project entitled “Those of Marseilles”, without revealing what it was about … Now we finally have the answer to this so much kept mystery!

Indeed, Maeva Ghennam, Paga as well as the couple Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj are launching a chocolate advent calendar! The latter is also called “Those of Marseille” …. Probably in reference to the multiple candidates of their show who now live in Dubai!

For information, this advent calendar will be sold for the sum of 24.90 euros. In addition, for each Marseille calendar ordered, 1 cent will be donated to the benefit of Worlds Vison projects against the coronavirus! A great initiative!


If the fans of the Marseillais were visibly delighted that this project saw the light of day … Other Internet users, for their part, were crying out loud! Indeed, the latter accuse the reality TV candidates of being too stingy when it comes to the sum of a penny he pays to an association for each calendar sold!

MCE TV therefore invites you to discover some messages from angry Internet users: “But it’s a joke, they will donate only a penny for a calendar at this price … It’s really a shame!”

Or again: “It’s a joke, your friends, the Marseillais, who make an advent calendar at 25 € and who give only 1 cent per calendar to an association. »We can thus read on the web!

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An indignation that did not make the reality TV candidates react! Indeed, none of them has commented on this!


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