Mars Rover: Remarkable Detail In Selfie


Mars rover had sent a photo. Zhurong sent a selfie from the Red Planet. Journalist Jonathan O’Callaghan captured a detail in the photo sent by the Mars rover.

China managed to land the Mars rover Zhurong with its landing gear in May. The rover, which searches for signs of life on the planet, does not neglect to send photos to the world. Finally, the other day, the traveler sent a selfie to the science team. The image includes the beautiful view of Utopia Planitia, the landing craft and the navigator. However, one detail drew attention; hole in the ground.

A deep hole on the surface of Mars

People who are devoted to Red Planet news have seen the selfie Zhurong took the other day. So, did you notice the pit in the surface in this selfie? The pit opened by the lander on the surface brought up the importance of the impact we left on Mars.

Space journalist Jonathan O’Callaghan was the first to address the issue. The journalist shared a post on Twitter. In the image in question (in the first photo), you can see the deep pit dug by the lander on the Martian floor. Well what does it mean? Is humanity causing serious damage on Mars?

Planetary scientist Phil Metzger of the University of Central Florida spoke on the subject. Metzger said the hole could have huge implications for heavier landings. “Imagine a 40-ton lander and how big its hole would be,” the researcher said. said. He added that the soil will collapse as the hole dries, especially in the coming weeks.

Metzger highlighted the possibility that subsidence soil could cause the rover to tilt. This means risk for missions that will land on Mars. Researchers wanted scientists to be more careful and find a solution to this issue for future Mars missions.


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