Married at First Sight’s Dennis: “I’ll fall in love”


Dennis and Janina are well on their way to becoming a real married couple. Like many other TV couples, the technical product designer and the industrial clerk said yes at first glance at the married – although they only met for the very first time at the married altar . While the experiment failed with almost all other candidates , the two seem to develop into an absolute dream couple. Dennis is even sure that he has really deep feelings.

After taking the 37-year-old home with him and spending the first few days with her in his apartment, he makes it clear: He is in good spirits that he and Janina will continue to go through life together in the future. “I think it’s the preliminary stage to falling in love at the moment. If it goes on like this, then I’ll fall in love,” he admits and enthuses: “Having you at home is a nice feeling. It kind of feels already trusted. ” The hobby musician and his beloved even imagine moving in together.

Until that happens, however, it is still a matter of getting through the long-distance relationship. “If it’s worth it, you can overcome difficulties,” says the 38-year-old, looking ahead positively. Janina is also sure that the couple can do anything together. After all, she couldn’t be happier with Dennis. “Since I’ve known Dennis, I’ve been doing very well. It’s becoming more and more true that he is my match and now my husband too,” she said happily.

“Married at first sight” from November 4th every Wednesday.


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