Married at First Sight Season 15 Premiere: When & Where New Episodes Are Released


The 15th season of Married at First Sight is just around the corner, and with new couples, relationship experts and drama in store, here’s how fans of the Lifetime series can watch the new season when it premieres on July 6. MAFS has picked up dozens of people. looking for love since 2014, participants participate in eight-week experiments with their new spouses. With cameras capturing couples, from their first meetings at the altar to living together, MAFS each season ends with the newlyweds deciding whether they will stay married or get divorced.

Although fans of the show enjoy getting to know couples (and predicting how they will behave at the end), MAFS does not boast a high level of success. In fact, as of 2022, only 14 duets that coincided in the TV series “Married at First Sight” are still together. Although the participants agree to take part in the experiment without prejudice, some, such as Alyssa Ellman from season 14, end up leaving earlier. Others, like Zach Freeman from season 13, start strong before dropping to villain status.

However, MAFS’ track record is mediocre, but that doesn’t stop its loyal fans from watching every new season. Season 15 will introduce five new married couples and their ups and downs: Lindy and Miguel, Kristen and Mitch, Alexis and Justin, Stacia and Nate, and Morgan and Bean. Here’s where and when interested viewers can watch how the 15th season of MAFS unfolds:

When will the 15th season of MAFS be released?

The 15th season of MAFS will begin on Wednesday, July 6, at 20:00. EASTERN STANDARD TIME. The first episode of the new season, which will demonstrate how duets unite and meet at the altar, will last a whopping three hours. However, the subsequent episodes of the 15th season of MAFS will be slightly shorter — two hours each. It takes five to six months for each MAFS season to complete, meaning fans can expect episodes to air before the end of October or early November 2022.

Where can fans watch the 15th season of MAFS?

MAFS fans who have cable TV can watch Season 15 on Lifetime, although the Lifetime channel number may depend on the particular service chosen. There are also several streaming services like Philo and Hulu that will host the new season. Philo, which provides more than 60 live channels and 50,000 titles, costs $25 per month. after a 7-day free trial period. As for Hulu, users need to purchase a live broadcast package to get access to the 15th season of MAFS. Although the package also offers a 7-day free trial, it is significantly more expensive — $69.99 per month. Finally, season 15 of MAFS can be purchased through the Vudu service at a price starting at $19.99 (or $1.99 per episode) as they are released.

What can viewers expect from the 15th season of MAFS?

The 15th season of MAFS will feature two new experts following the departure of Dr. Viviana Coles after season 14. Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Calvin Roberson will be joined by Hollywood producer and motivational speaker DeVon Franklin and Dr. Pia Holek. In addition, season 15 will feature couples from the West Coast for the first time, since all ten people live in San Diego, California. Based on a small Lifetime teaser uploaded in June, viewers can expect tidal waves of entertainment and conflict from new couples. Morgan, pictured above with Binh, tells her new husband: “You lied to my face. I don’t even know you.” Morgan and Binh aren’t the only duo in trouble, as in another scene Kristen threatens to divorce her partner Mitch. Last year’s 14th season of MAFS may not have been well received, but the series has a chance to redeem itself when the 15th season premieres.