Married at First Sight: Sam and Serkan are expecting a baby


The Married at first sight baby puzzle is solved. The preview of the eighth and last episode of this year’s season already indicated: Not only Melissa and her Philipp will be parents, but also another couple who took part in the social experiment in 2019. However, the short trailer did not reveal which of the former TV brides is pregnant. This sweet secret has now finally been revealed.

Samantha is the future mom. In the “Married at First Sight” special , she surprised her husband Serkan with the baby news and documented it in a video. She sent him a letter anonymously – with the final sentence: “I’m really looking forward to getting to know you, Papa.” The native Turk, however, stood on the hose and swore to his wife that he had no children. It was only when he saw the ultrasound image that it dawned on him: “So we’re going to have a child or not?” Sam said yes with a nod: “You will be dad and I’ll be mom.”

Of course, they wanted to share this good news with the matching experts. They introduced Sandra Köhldorfer (39), Beate Quinn and Markus Ernst via video message . Everyone agreed that the time is right for the couple to start a family.

“Married at first sight” from November 4th every Wednesday at 8:15 pm on Sat.1

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