Marriage Ceremony Allowed With Video Conferencing Applications In New York


Possibly, weddings that no one has ever dreamed of are possible in New York. In the city, which is heavily affected by coronavirus, it will now be possible to get married by remote connection.

The coronavirus epidemic makes its impact felt all over the world. One of the centers of the epidemic was New York City of the USA. The number of deaths in the state has increased considerably. Measures were taken to prevent people from going out on the streets.

Melissa DeRosa, the deputy of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, announced today that people living in the city can marry remotely over the internet. Thus, social distance will be preserved.

Having a wedding in Zoom
DeRosa announced in a statement that people could get their marriage licenses remotely, and that officials could work remotely. So people can use this service if they want.

Governor Cuomo also preferred to use the name of a certain application while talking about the subject. “You can no longer use an excuse when it comes to marriage,” said the governor, “You can do it in Zoom. The event is yes-no. ”

In our country, there is no outside participant in wedding procedures. Some municipalities enable people to optionally monitor the moment of marriage. Apart from that, there is no remote wedding process.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all over the world. Among the first measures were the suspension of the wedding process and the ban on weddings and entertainment.

If such an application is carried out in our country, it is a little difficult to predict how the results will be. Probably at the end of the summer, the halls will be full and the weddings in our country will be compressed during that period. Nevertheless, we cannot stop wondering the creative activities that our people will develop in weddings that will take place in a virtual environment.

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Would you like to use such an application if you were? Would you prefer to do your wedding from home?


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