Marriage Because of Ecstasy? Pamela Anderson Talks About Her First Meeting With Ex-Husband Tommy Lee


First love is always special. It stays with us like an imprint of human skin. Like many of you, 55-year-old Pamela Anderson may be on the same wavelength with us. Having started his career in the mid-90s, the Malibu Lifeguard star has since been called a “sex symbol.” Although she became famous for her cover of Playboy magazine, such an open display of feminine qualities was accompanied by her atrocities. Although she has been a source of inspiration for many women to pursue careers along the same path, Anderson has been the subject of both harsh views and a kind of sexual abuse.

Her military life was also like a roller coaster. The actress, who recently accused Tim Allen of shining his penis at her, has walked down the aisle five times. And she still remains a proud hopeless romantic. Notably, her first husband was Tommy Lee, a Greek-American musician, whom she was married to for three years from 1985 to 1988 and has two children. Did you know, however, that she agreed to marry him because of ecstasy? Yes, it’s true. She recently talked about it, and that’s all you need to know.

Pamela Anderson talks about her first marriage proposal after her memoir and Netflix documentary series.

In a conversation with Dax Shepard on the Armchair Expert podcast, the Vancouver native reportedly talked about the days spent with the drummer. And apparently she said yes to him because of Molly. Recalling their very first meeting, Anderson said he slipped some ecstasy into her drink. Since she hadn’t tried the drug before, she “didn’t even know” what was in her drink. Further, explaining the effect, the 55-year-old woman said that her “skin melts”.

Moreover, causing a burst of laughter from the presenters, Anderson shared that she immediately asked if she wanted to get married, and the answer came: “Absolutely.” It is noteworthy that in the Netflix documentary, Anderson admits that none of her five other marriages worked out because she was never able to get over the grief after the first divorce. Although she has had many marriages and periodic relationships since Tommy Lee, he tied the knot with Brittany Furlan back in 2017. Since then, they have remained friends, raising two sons together.

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