Marques Brownlee Explains Why YouTube Shorts are Better Than Tik Tok


Tech youtuber Marquez “MKBHD” Brownlee shared his thoughts on why YouTube Shorts are better than TikTok during a recent episode of Flagrant with Andrew Schultz.

Although TikTok has become the leading platform for short videos over the past few years, sites like YouTube and Instagram have adopted their own ways of hosting such content.

However, the main topic of discussion with platforms is how you make money on each platform. In the past, many authors have criticized the Fund for TikTok Authors, while YouTube intends to attract short film creators to an affiliate program for better monetization.

Marquez Brownlee, one of the leading tech YouTubers on the platform, explained his thoughts on why YouTube Shorts are better for creators than TikTok, during a conversation with Andrew Schultz.

Marquez Brownlee Explains Why YouTube Shorts Is Beating TikTok

During the November 1 release of the Flagrant podcast, Andrew Schultz asked Marquez what he thought of TikTok and other short video platforms.

Explaining that his most viewed content is on TikTok, he mentioned that the process of monetizing it still requires a lot of work.

“They are lagging behind in terms of monetization and convenience for content creators, which YouTube has been so well versed in for so long,” he explained. “YouTube will allow us to monetize short films next year, they constantly show short films to people, and they kind of started throwing bait for regular TikTokers to become YouTubers”.

(the topic starts at 34:42)

Andrew Schultz also intervened on this topic, explaining that, in his opinion, YouTube Shorts will surpass TikTok in the long run, which will make the company owned by Bytedance “superfluous”.

Marquez replied: “I think they can exist at the same time until one of them becomes less cool.”

Although it’s impossible to say exactly what will happen to the two popular platforms in the future, it looks like TikTok will meet its fate sooner or later.


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