Markiplier Last Bondition Before Creating An Account OnlyFans


Markiplier responded to his fans after they destroyed the goals he set, demanding that the YouTube star now create OnlyFans.

A popular YouTuber recently announced his intentions to create OnlyFans, but only if certain conditions are met. In a video dated October 17, the 33-year-old explained that after his hugely successful nude calendar in 2018, he is open to participating in OnlyFans, where all proceeds will go to charity.

Having outlined his conditions, the popular YouTuber asked his fans to make his Distractible podcast take first place in the Apple and Spotify charts. In addition, Markiplier demanded that his fans receive his second podcast Go! My favorite sports team is at the top of the sports charts.

Markiplier Provides OnlyFans update after Viewers Break Goals

In the October 22 video, the YouTuber first praised his community, and then became more serious.

“Guys, you beat Joe Rogan, which is unexpected, especially in 3 days,” he said. “It was amazing, and I’m not going to dwell on how desperate some of you can be, I just congratulate you,” Markiplier added. “However, some of you may have celebrated a little earlier.”

While his fans managed to bring both of his podcasts to the top spot on Spotify, his community failed when it came to Apple. Noting that the Distractible podcast ranks sixth in the charts, the YouTuber put forward a final ultimatum.

In order for him to release his OnlyFans, his community needs to come together and watch his new documentary, “The North Korean Sniper,” based on a story written by his own mother.

The documentary, which will be released on November 13, will tell the story of his mother. “Momiplier and Markiplier travel to North Korea to find out the truth about their origins and the decision that affected their family for future generations,” the document says.

The YouTuber told how he and his team went to Korea to make a documentary, where he even learned Korean to be able to communicate with his family.

Markiplier once again promised that if fans sign up and watch the documentary, he will eventually release his OnlyFans, although it is unclear what content he will actually post on the adult site.


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