Markets before the US elections “Trump or Biden”


The people in the US go to the polls today to determine the winner between Trump and Biden. Although Biden seems to be ahead in recent polls across the country, markets have started to price Trump’s victory. Economist Belgin Maviş evaluated the developments on the subject in the live broadcast of A Para.

In the US, breaths were held, eyes turned to the choice between Trump and Biden. Although the latest situation showed Biden one click ahead in the pre-election polls, which were expected to be at par between the two, the signals from the markets gave the impression that Trump would win. While the markets were pricing Trump’s victory, economist Belgin Maviş commented on the market movements in A Para.


Economist Belgin Maviş: “Despite the uncertainty on a global basis, we saw a rise in all markets, from Asia to Europe, the American stock markets and of course the BIST 100. Did they expect? Of course, most investors did not expect. On Monday, they could not make sense of a rising market, this time. market pricing does not look like that at all. ”


President Donald Trump and Presidential Candidate Joe Biden are playing their final trump cards in the election race, where voting will end on November 3.

Trump is meeting with voters in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin today, while attending demonstrations in Biden, Pennsylvania and Ohia.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, early voting was made at the polls more than any previous election in many states. It is stated that 95 million US citizens have voted so far, this rate corresponds to 69.2 percent of the total number of votes in the 2016 elections.

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Despite the high voting rate, there is still no firm conclusion in the key states.

In states such as Florida with 29 votes, North Carolina with 15 votes, or Pennsylvania with 20 votes, which has become important due to the system known as the Electoral College or Electoral Collage, which grants a certain vote to each state and stipulates the voting of the candidate in the state, there has not been a definite figure that he will win. It is predicted that the votes to be cast on November 3 will determine the president.


In elections held across the US, US citizens vote for the 435-seat House of Representatives and 35 seats in the Senate, as well as local governments in many regions, with the exception of the US president.

Especially for democrats who want to gain power in the Republican Party-controlled Senate, these elections, where approximately one third of the senate will be elected, are very important.

The elections end on November 3, but the results are difficult to explain. Although personal or postal voting will be completed on 3 November across the USA, the time allowed for postal votes to reach the counting places extends until the last weeks of November, and if there is no objection from both parties, the final results should be announced as soon as possible. postpones until the end of November.


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