Market Runners: These 5 Altcoins Are Climbing Against Bitcoin!


During the past 24 hours, major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Solana have not experienced a serious change. However, 5 altcoins, which are in the top 100 according to their market value, increased their value the most on a daily basis.

Which altcoin projects have been the most rising today?

First, the REV token of Revain, an online platform for developers to review Ethereum blockchain-based tokens designed to get constructive feedback on their projects, rose 17.76 percent. Revain reported that he has recently increased his review limits to 20 per day. In the long run, the platform, which has unlimited review plans, awards the most liked articles with a REV award.

Second, SCRT, the native token of Secret Network, a blockchain with data privacy for smart contracts, gained 15.64 percent. SecretSwap, part of the Secret ecosystem, recently announced that its “on-ramps are operational.” Users can now purchase SCRT tokens directly on the platform with a card.

Third, the ONE token of Harmony, a network focused on dApps, gained in value. Harmony recently gained momentum with the creation of a Polygon (MATIC) liquidity provider pool on QuickSwap. Also, ONE Liquidity DAO was announced. In fourth place was the CRV token of DeFi platform Curve, rising 11.71 percent. New proposals for changes have been published on the Curve platform. Finally, Internet Computer (ICP) gained 9.84 percent. Internet Computer announced that the number of blocks produced since the Genesis block has exceeded 430 million.