Market Review: These 5 Altcoins Are Soaring As Bigs Crash!


On the last day of the year, Bitcoin (BTC) is changing hands at $ 46,974 with a 0.5 percent decrease. The largest altcoin Ethereum (ETH) is changing hands below $4,000, at $3,705. Meanwhile, 5 altcoins in the top 100 by market cap on CoinMarketCap gained in value.

These were the most rising altcoin projects of the day!

The coin that gained the most value was Celsius (CEL) with 16.37 percent. Celsius (CEL) is an all-in-one banking and financial services platform for cryptocurrency users. Celsius received the best “CeFi Lending Platform” award at the 2021 cryptocurrency awards given at Blockchain Fest 2021.

Second, Gnosis (GNO), a decentralized prediction market built on the Ethereum (ETH) network, rose 12.51 percent. The impetus for GNO came with the introduction of the “zodiac” bridge module for the Gnosis ecosystem, which gives decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) the ability to control assets in separate Ethereum virtual machine compatible chains. Third, the AAVE token of DeFi platform Aave, which allows borrowing and lending, rose 9.25 percent.

In fourth place is the SUSHI token of Sushi, another DeFi protocol. Recently, OpenDAO added some of its SOS tokens to Sushi’s reward distribution contract. Finally, Bora (BORA), which describes itself as a decentralized entertainment platform that distributes digital content and provides incentives to participants, rose 8.45 percent.