“Market Crash Near” Expert: Gold and Collecting From These 3!


Robert Kiyosaki, author of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, said that despite the recent price volatility of the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, an impending market meltdown would be “good news” for BTC. Kiyosaki also shared that he prefers gold and silver.

Kiyosaki prefers gold, silver, Bitcoin and Ethereum

In an interview with Danielle Cambone of Stanberry Research, Kiyosaki reiterates her predictions for a major market crash that will benefit crypto and precious metals owners. Stating that he is very conservative about silver, Kiyosaki says that he also supports Bitcoin and uses the expressions “I am a man of solid assets.” So, he says, the market crash is good news for those like him.

The author goes on to say that those who have early entry points into solid assets will not have to worry about excessive volatility triggered by a financial disaster. “As my rich dad used to say to me, ‘You make a profit when you buy, not when you sell,'” she says. For this reason, he states that it is always desirable to enter the market early. Kiyosaki says he prefers precious metals because they have zero counterparty risk, and Bitcoin and Ethereum because they are networks outside the scope of the Federal Reserve and the financial system.

Gold and silver are “God’s money”. Gold and silver have no counterparty risk. They are the elements of the periodic table. Bitcoin is a network system the same as Ethereum, a network outside the control of the Fed. When people said the Fed was going to end Bitcoin, they said it was possible, they did it in China. [But] anything is possible today. So if I were you, I would only listen to idiots like me.