Mark Zuckerberg Should Resign, Says Former Event Employee


Mark Zuckerberg: On Monday night (1st) Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen was expected to participate in the 2021 Web Summit, held this year in Lisbon. The former employee of the social network took the main stage of the event and reiterated loud and clear that Mark Zuckerberg must leave the helm of the company.

After leaking thousands of internal Facebook documents to The Wall Street Journal and other media, which generated the set of reports “The Facebook Papers”, the computer engineer and contemporary of Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard went to the US Senate at the beginning of October to denounce that the trillion-dollar network works with algorithms that, among other things, are designed to create dependency and increase consumption.

In the spotlight, Haugen balked at journalist Laurie Segall’s question whether Meta’s current CEO should be fired. She reasoned that he holds the majority of the voting shares, which makes his dismissal impossible. But she recalled that shareholders should be able to choose their CEO and concluded: “I think Facebook would be stronger with someone willing to focus on security. So yes.”

Investing in video games instead of security

After giving her opinion about the founder’s departure from the social network, Haugen reaffirmed that she only decided to leak the documents because she noticed an abusive behavioral pattern in the company, although she believes in Facebook’s ability to change. When she noticed this deviation, her thought was: “Tens of millions of people are in danger in the next 20 years [because of the network’s strategy]”.

Speaking specifically about Zuckerberg, Haugen acknowledged that making mistakes doesn’t make you a bad person, “but it’s unacceptable to keep making the same serious mistakes once you know they’re mistakes.” On changing Facebook’s name to Meta, she was adamant: “instead of investing to ensure that our platforms have a minimum level of security, they are about to invest ten thousand engineers in video games.”