Mark Zuckerberg promises to change some Facebook policies


In the face of employee anger, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg promises to evaluate a number of current policies and build products that promote racial justice.

On June 5, Mark Zuckerberg responded to angry employees over Facebook’s decision to the controversial article of US President Donald Trump. In an article posted on his personal page, the Facebook CEO is committed to reviewing a number of current policies, including how to handle content related to police mobilization and security. “Considering the sensitive history in the US, this is worth special consideration”.

Facebook also reassessed how the company could manage content. Currently, Facebook has only two options to either keep the content or remove it completely. He cautioned that an intermediary approach, such as warning users about content without removing it – could lead to bad habits, where employees engage in content they personally dislike.

“In general, I am concerned that this approach risks leading us to edit content that we dislike even without violating the policy, so I think it is important to proceed carefully,” the article said. there are paragraphs.

In addition, Zuckerberg said Facebook will develop products that promote racial justice and assign tasks to Fidji Simo, who is in charge of the Facebook application. He also asserted himself on the side of Facebook’s colored community. “I am on your side. Your life is worth it. Colored people’s life is worth it. ”

This statement of Zuckerberg seems to be contrary to what he said at a recent staff meeting. According to Recode, the Facebook CEO at the time said he did not think “was brave enough to say such things during a major crisis.”

Zuckerberg’s response came after hundreds of Facebook employees took part in the virtual march to criticize President Trump’s decision not to govern or remove Trump’s post. At least 2 people have quit their jobs to protest and at least 2 of its partners publicly criticized. In contrast, Twitter has put warning labels on the President’s posts as well as blocking users from liking or retweeting.

Facebook employees said Trump’s article violated the platform’s community standards, banning language that promotes serious violence. The US president denied intent to incite violence.


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