Mark Zuckerberg Nicknames Facebook Employees ‘Metamates’ (So What Does This Expression Mean?)


Announcing that the company’s values ​​were updated for Meta employees the other day, Mark Zuckerberg also included the new nickname of Meta employees in these values. Announcing that it will set out with the motto ‘Meta, Metamates, Me’, the company will now name its employees as ‘Metamates’.

Facebook has announced that it will focus on metaverse technologies in the past months and has changed its name to Meta for this purpose. While the company is expected to show its new metaverse products and technologies soon, CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a remarkable post on Facebook the other day.

In an open letter to his employees, Zuckerberg shared Meta’s updated values ​​with his employees. One of the values ​​compiled under six main headings was quite remarkable. CEO Zuckerberg announced to his employees the motto ‘Meta, Metamates, Me’ and showed that Meta employees will now carry the ‘Metamates’ title.

The statements in Zuckerberg’s share were as follows:
“Meta, Metamates, Me is about being good employees of our company and our mission. It’s about our collective success and the sense of responsibility we have towards one another as teammates. It’s about taking care of our company and each other.”

Zuckerberg’s new motto, which he announced for the Meta company, was actually a derivative of the motto used by the US Navy for a long time. With the motto ‘Ship, Shipmate, Self’, the Navy emphasized that the success and well-being of the ship was primary, the success and well-being of the crew was secondary, and finally, individual success and well-being was tertiary.

On the other hand, the name Metamates has also been a wave of some Meta employees. According to the news shared by The New York Times, an employee in internal messaging asked, “Does this mean we are on a sinking ship?” used the phrase. The company’s name was changed as Meta continued to grapple with so-called Facebook Papers documents showing that Meta’s products had a negative impact on users. On the other hand, recently, the company lost $240 billion in value in just one day, breaking new ground in the history of American companies.