Mark Wahlberg’s reaction to the exchange of Baker Mayfield’s friend


Jacob Kupferman / Getty Images

Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg is closely associated with Cleveland sports and considers former Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield his friend. He once viewed Mayfield as a potential successor to Tom Brady in his beloved New England Patriots.

So, after Baker was unceremoniously traded to the Carolina Panthers, Wahlberg has a few words for the former first pick in the overall standings. In an interview with TMZ, Wahlberg complained that Mayfield would not go to his “Patriots”, and said that he was still his fan.

But Wahlberg also acknowledged that the Patriots have too many quarterbacks to attract Mayfield to their ranks. He still believes that Mayfield has “a great bright future ahead of him.”

“There are a lot of players at the quarterback position,” Wahlberg said. “It’s also related to the coach and the team, but he has a big and bright future ahead of him.”

In 2020, Baker Mayfield helped the Cleveland Browns to their first playoff victory in more than 25 years. But the following season, he fell to the ground and struggled to achieve the same success before injuries ended, ending his season.

The Browns decided to go in a new direction at the beginning of the 2022 offseason by making a blockbuster deal for Pro Bowl quarterback Deshaun Watson. They let Mayfield languish in obscurity for several months before trading him to the Panthers.

The Browns and Panthers will play each other in the first week of the season.

It will be a long-awaited potential revenge game for Mayfield if he gets the starting job.


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