Mark Wahlberg gets naked with Kevin Hart in the trailer for Netflix Me Time


Everyone needs a personal space from time to time, especially if you are a parent. A similar identifiable scenario is the presence of a friend with whom you were so close, but somehow distanced yourself from him for one reason or another. These comedic concepts will collide in the upcoming Netflix movie “Time for Me,” as Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg are a pair of friends who are about to reunite in the craziest way possible.

The gap of years between the friendship of Sonny (Hart) and Huck (Wahlberg) comes to an end when the two friends reunite, and the latter appears in a birthday suit. This is appropriate because Me Time sees Huck’s 44th birthday party as an occasion to celebrate, which prompts him to turn to his old friend with an invitation.

Having initially declined the invitation, Kevin Hart’s stay-at-home dad got a proper push from his wife Maya to join the frenzy. This is followed by nudity, intimate conversations with big cats and a homemade Burning Man. All of this leads to Hart’s physical comedic abilities being put to the test as this adventure takes Sonny through his paces; all in order to amuse Netflix subscribers.

When it comes to Me Time’s close encounter with a mountain lioness, the pain associated with it may be a little more than justified. If someone was playing with your child at some point and then threw him aside at the first sign of danger, you may get a little angry. Everything else is a game for the mercy of fate, especially a spicy barbecue.

Since it recently became known that Mark Wahlberg tried Kevin Hart for a role in the TV series “Beauties”, it is even more interesting to see how the couple is finally working together on “Time for Me”. Looking at them on the screen, it seems that this should have already happened at least five times. Of course, maybe it’s Hart’s professional connection to Dwayne Johnson, Mark Wahlberg’s previous film partner, that fuels this notion.

Future teams are out of the question, especially if Me Time plays the way Netflix hopes. With Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg now firmly in place in the platform’s stellar stable, the sequel will be no exception. However, this is not even the limit of potential fun, as the studio also likes to remake actors from previous Netflix films in future projects.

Look, if the studio really wants to make a splash with the upcoming sequels of “Red Notice,” Hart and Wahlberg would be killer additions to the cast. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see how Me Time behaves in its Netflix-only streaming debut starting August 26. To get a full overview of the streamer’s full movie calendar, go to the Netflix movie schedule for 2022 for more details.


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