Mark Wahlberg appears to have a mustache as Sully.


The famous Hollywood actor shares a short and humorous video clip through his Instagram showing his appearance as Victor Sullivan, Nate’s mentor.

The production of the film Uncharted is going from strength to strength, with a filming that continues to advance without major problems after the stoppage due to the global coronavirus crisis and that recently passed through Spain to shoot several scenes on different beaches on the Mediterranean coast; Sony Pictures even shared a few days ago the first image of its protagonist, Tom Holland, as a young Nathan Drake. Although now comes the time to take a first look at Sully, his mentor, played by the famous actor Mark Wahlberg, who has shared his first image characterized as his character, including a mustache.

First look at Mark Wahlberg’s Victor Sullivan

Thus, and through his personal Instagram account, Mark Wahlberg himself has published a short and casual video clip in which we can see the actor wearing Sully’s characteristic mustache while exclaiming “Don’t ask, don’t ask” , alluding to such a peculiar appearance, very different from what Wahlberg has accustomed us throughout his years of career in Hollywood.

Even so, it is a Sully much younger than that seen in the different Naughty Dog Uncharted video games; the same goes for Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake. And it is that the plot will be located a few years before the first installment of the game, which justifies this new approach to the franchise in its film adaptation.

Recall that long ago, Tom Holland himself already assured that Mark Wahlberg “looks incredible as Sully” and that the action shown in the film will have nothing to envy the spectacular scenes of the different installments of the saga. Be that as it may, the Uncharted movie is scheduled to premiere in theaters on October 8, 2021 after its latest delay.

Right now, Tom Holland is in Atlanta preparing to shoot Spider-Man 3 for Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures; Will the shooting of both films alternate so that the two films arrive on time for the billboard next year?


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