Mark Stoops Sends a clear Message after John Calipari’s Comments


This week, a heated debate broke out in the sports department of Big Blue Nation.

Head football coach Mark Stoops criticized head basketball coach John Calipari after he called the University of Kentucky a “basketball school.”

On Saturday, the longtime Wildcats football coach doubled down on his displeasure with Coach Cal.

“I don’t care about anyone’s program, I stay in my lane. But when you start talking about mine and the people I’m competing with, I’m going to defend my players…,” Stoops said, according to Kentucky insider Jeff Drummond. “Don’t humiliate or distract from what we’ve done to get to this. period.”

“I’m fucked up. I turned to him. I will protect my players,” he added.

Here is Stoops’ original response to Calipari’s tweet:

“Basketball school? I thought we competed in the SEC? #4 StraightPostseasonwins,” he wrote.

There is no doubt that Kentucky is better known as a basketball school. But in recent years, the football program has achieved much more success after the end of the season. With the 2021 season at 10:3, Stoops led the team to a fourth consecutive bowl game win.

Cal coach and the Wildcats basketball team lost in the first round to St. Peters at last year’s NCAA Tournament. The year before, the team had its worst season in Calipari’s career at Kentucky.

Coach Cal has not yet given an answer to this conflict.


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