Mark Ruffalo and other stars appear naked


Mark Ruffalo and other Hollywood celebrities appeared naked and mocked themselves in a ballot ad.

A bevy of Hollywood celebrities, including Mark Ruffalo, Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, and Josh Gad, have left little to the imagination after appearing completely naked in a new ad that aims to spread awareness of “nude” ballots among American voters.

Why did Mark Ruffalo appear naked?

In the ad, which premiered online on October 7, various celebrities appear nude through recorded messages to raise awareness of ‘naked ballots’ and urge voters to “read and follow the instructions that come with your ballot ( by mail) “before carrying out their respective vows.

Additionally, the video also featured appearances by Chris Rock, Tiffany Haddish, Chelsea Handler, Ryan Bathe, Naomi Campbell, and a cameo by Sascha Baron Cohen in the character of Borat, who unsurprisingly and comically has little to say about. the issue of American voting rights.

Surprisingly, the video does not feature the endorsement of any specific presidential candidate.

What are “naked ballots”?

“Naked ballots” refer to a new Pennsylvania mail ballot rule that requires voters to “double dress” their mail ballots in an additional “secret envelope” when they are mailed so that their vote is counted.

This new rule was issued by the state Supreme Court in an attempt to ensure voting integrity in the upcoming 2020 elections, which will see thousands of voters participate in mail-in ballots due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately for Mark Ruffalo and the other celebrities, this ad was widely criticized by people across the political spectrum.

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Democratic socialist and political activist Ryan Knight, who goes by @ProudSocialist on Twitter, tagged the video as “so fucking embarrassing” and claimed that those who subscribe to his political views didn’t want “naked and disconnected celebrities, telling us to vote for the status quo. ”

Lindsay Wigo, a videojournalist for the conservative news channel The Daily Caller, asked “who is the Hollywood PR rep who thought it was a good idea.”

However, the most unbiased and generally accepted stance was shared by user @isteintraum, who stated that “we really need celebrities to get back to work soon because if we have one more ‘look at me, I’m naked’ ad I’m going to leave earth” .


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