“Mark my words…” — Will Smith’s Colleague Is Sure That The Actor Will Make Friends With Chris Rock


Will ChrisRock and Will Smith be friends again? The “I am a Legend” actor has recently started to attract attention again. He remained undercover after the 2022 Oscar fiasco, which nearly damaged the career he had been building for three decades. But the actor is also looking on the brighter side, even now he is looking for professional help to change himself.

Celebrities came to sharply criticize the artist when he got on stage and hit the comedian in the face. This was due to the fact that the presenter joked about Mrs. Smith’s baldness. Since then, the “Men in Black” actor has been trying to apologize to Rock and mend relations. But is there any hope?

Will Will Smith and Chris Rock become friends in the near future?

It’s been eight months since Smith and Rock’s friendship faltered. But, according to the source, some believe that they may soon reconcile. Bai Ling, who worked with Will Smith on The Wild, Wild West, supported him by saying: “I think Chris and Will will become very good friends over time. Mark my words, they will be.”

Although she agreed that he made a terrible mistake, she thinks that he will also move away from her. According to her, the artist wants to continue working and follow his hobby. Because for a successful actor, the main thing is not fame or Academy awards, but the love of acting and the opportunity to continue it.

Along with the image, Will Smith’s projects suffered greatly when the masses saw his actions on the night of the Oscars. Perhaps the worst part was that he was smiling during the after party. A number of his shows and films are stuck, including Apple TV’s “Emancipation,” which cost a whopping $120 million to create.

The actor made an official apology after the attack on Chris Rock, but neither the fans nor the Rock forgave him. However, Smith has not lost hope yet and hopes that everything will return to normal.

As a viewer, are you ready to see Will Smith in a movie again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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